About Syngenta Group

At the Syngenta Group, our 60,000 people across more than 100 countries strive every day to transform agriculture through tailor-made solutions for the benefit of farmers, society and our planet – making us the world's most local agricultural technology and innovation partner.

A world leader in protecting crops, keeping plants safe from planting to harvesting.
Barley seeds
One of the world's largest developers and producers of seeds.
A global leader in off-patent crop protection.
China's leading agricultural technology and innovation partner.

Latest Press Releases

Syngenta Group reports $32.2 billion sales and $4.6 billion EBITDA in 2023
Syngenta Group update on its IPO
Syngenta Vegetable Seeds opens new state-of-the-art Seed Health Lab in India
Syngenta Group expands collaborations for more innovative scientific and technological solutions in agriculture

Our Stories

Hacking through the weeds

New technology and digital services are becoming ever more essential for farmers world-wide. This year, Syngenta Group joined the START HACK as an industry partner hoping that the hackers could offer new ways of thinking.

Harvest on Farm
Measuring soil health with an eye on the future

The Rowe Farm uses cover crops to further protect and preserve the soil, which Jeff Rowe calls “any farmer’s most important asset.”

Jeff Rowe
Feeding pigs was only the beginning in the career of an agricultural leader

The Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung recently profiled Syngenta Group’s newly promoted chief executive officer, Jeff Rowe – noting his upbringing on a farm in the midwestern U.S. 

Regenerative Agriculture  at a glance
Regenerative Agriculture at a glance

Regenerative agriculture improves soil, delivers high productivity farming and high-quality food, while helping fight climate change and restoring lost biodiversity.