Farmer in a barley field
Accelerate innovation for farmers and nature
We're helping farmers overcome challenges, from extreme weather events to society’s changing dietary tastes, all the while benefiting our environment.

Strive for carbon neutral agriculture
As a leader in agriculture, we are committed to providing technologies, services and training to help farming become carbon neutral as well as reducing the climate footprint of our operations.

Help people stay safe and healthy

We're committed to a safe, healthy and fair working environment for all employees in our operations and for the farm workers across all farms we are associated with.
Partnering for impact

We're building on our rich network of strategic sustainability partnerships with academic institutions, the food value chain, agricultural businesses and farmers to increase the impact we can make together.

Farmers on the front line

Farmers are the first to suffer from extreme weather and agriculture has a pivotal role to play in fighting climate change. 

We must help farmers address it with new technologies and services, both to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. According to our recent survey with Ipsos MORI, 72% of farmers are worried about the impact climate change will have on their ability to grow food over the next five years.

Our Stories

Jeff Rowe
Feeding pigs was only the beginning in the career of an agricultural leader

The Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung recently profiled Syngenta Group’s newly promoted chief executive officer, Jeff Rowe – noting his upbringing on a farm in the midwestern U.S. 

Tomato field
Syngenta's tomato seeds: proving their value to growers everywhere

From virus resistance to shelf life, from greenhouse cultivation to traceability, Syngenta’s tomato seeds are ensuring farmers are ready to face new threats while helping them increase their yield.

Harvest on Farm
Measuring soil health with an eye on the future

The Rowe Farm uses cover crops to further protect and preserve the soil, which Jeff Rowe calls “any farmer’s most important asset.”

regenerative agriculture
Regenerative Agriculture at a glance

Regenerative agriculture improves soil, delivers high productivity farming and high-quality food, while helping fight climate change and restoring lost biodiversity.

Operation Pollinator
Operation Pollinator: Flowering landscapes for a sustainable world food supply

Declining biodiversity threatens ecosystems and crop yields. Syngenta has been reviving depleted farmland for 20 years through Operation Pollinator.

Jeff Rowe
Advancing regenerative agriculture, from one generation to the next

Jeff Rowe, a fifth-generation farmer and president of Syngenta Seeds, explains how regenerative agriculture must be profitable, productive, and “nature positive” to deliver benefits — and potentially reduce the effects of climate change — on a global scale.