Our stories…

Our stories bring to life the diverse nature of our company and the people who make us what we are.

Alexandra recognizes the struggle to recruit women 

Alexandra Brand, Regional Director, shared her views on gender equity and gender diversity at a global panel discussion for International Women’s Day 2023. “There are some hard facts around. We have a gender pay gap and we’re making progress on closing it. We are not yet at an equal level of recruitment, and we sometimes struggle to recruit sufficient women. We’ve put in place principles to make sure we have sufficient female and male candidates for a role and interview panels that reflect diversity. Even as a female leader, I sometimes discover I have bias about female employees.”


Welcoming colleagues with disabilities

Pragati and Shubhangi Bhoyar are sisters and graduate trainees at Syngenta Group. They were born with locomotor disability, but that has not stopped them both winning sporting medals. They talk about how they feel comfortable at Syngenta Group and how they appreciate the positivity around them. 

A personal memory from Steve

Steve Landsman, our General Counsel, shared this anecdote when opening PRIDE celebrations in 2023. “Public attitudes have changed rapidly, and each generation is more open-minded. My mother was intelligent, kind, funny and very liberal, except for a disapproval of gay rights. One day she came and said she had no idea why she could have been so wrong in holding such discriminatory, cold-hearted views about gay rights. She offered that she had been brought up in a different environment and a different time.”

Rubén’s passion comes from personal experience 


Our global Head of DEI, Rubén Alejandro Ramírez, tells his personal story of identifying as a gay man, and talks about his passion for promoting a safe space for everyone.