Improve the prosperity of low-income and under-served farmers by improving their access to inputs, knowledge, finance and markets

Smallholder farmers form a large part of the rural population, but often lack the knowledge and quality inputs needed to produce a healthy harvest.

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By empowering smallholders to sustainably protect their crops from pests, diseases and weather extremes, Syngenta Group can help smallholders make their farming more productive, profitable and sustainable.

Syngenta Group offers digital solutions to support smallholders, such as an app that widens access to smart farming features for farmers producing staple cash crops such as cotton, rice, corn, and wheat in Asia-Pacific. 

Farmer service centers, such as Syngenta Group’s Modern Agriculture Platform (MAP) in China and CENTRIGO™ in APAC play a crucial role in supporting smallholder farmers by providing access to training, inputs, finance, and markets.

Today, MAP centers have been established in China, while the CENTRIGO™ Farming Ecosystem operates in countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. We are exploring similar models in other regions. 

As part of Syngenta Group’s commitment to strive for fair labor conditions, we want to ensure that all aspects of farm work are safe.

We plan to have a fair labor program implemented in all our seed production and processing countries by 2025.

Our sustainability priorities


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With the global population on track to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, farmers need to grow more food while reducing their impact on the environment and safeguarding natural resources.

Accelerate innovation for farmers and nature
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