Syngenta Crop Protection announces U.S. registration of VAYANTIS®, a new fungicide seed treatment

Syngenta Crop Protection announces U.S. registration of VAYANTIS®, a new fungicide seed treatment

  • VAYANTIS® fungicide contains picarbutrazox, a new seed treatment developed to protect corn and soybean seedlings from key diseases such as Pythium
  • VAYANTIS® fungicide brings a major innovation to the control of Pythium diseases and adds a novel mode of action to Syngenta’s leading Seedcare portfolio, supported by best-in-industry expertise and the Seedcare Institute Global Network
  • Picarbutrazox was discovered by Nippon Soda and licensed to Syngenta under the terms of a global seed treatment licensing agreement

Basel / Switzerland, March 22, 2021 – Syngenta announced today that its newest corn and soybean seed treatment, VAYANTIS® fungicide, has received registration by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). VAYANTIS® fungicide contains the active ingredient picarbutrazox, a completely new systemic fungicide seed treatment developed to protect seedlings from key blight and damping-off diseases, such as Pythium and Phytophthora, in many different cropping systems. This new registration will help protect plant health and support farmers to grow more productively and sustainably.

The introduction of VAYANTIS® fungicide represents one more tool to help growers combat early-season disease with less inputs and offset variable environmental conditions associated with climate change. Reinforcing Pythium protection at the seedling stage, allows farmers to adopt reduced or no-tillage cropping systems, protect the soil and avoid costly replants. In addition, stronger emergence and stand establishment help maximize genetic yield potential.

“We are proud to offer VAYANTIS® fungicide, a new seed treatment to the market confirming our position as a global leader in the seed treatment space” said Jonathan Brown, Global Head of Syngenta Seedcare. “Picarbutrazox, with its novel mode of action will strengthen Syngenta’s leading Pythium portfolio of MEFENOXAM™ technology and azoxystrobin in corn, soybeans, canola, oilseed rape, cereals and other crops. Discovered by Nippon Soda, this is a great testament to the fact that both companies identified the needs in the seed treatment space, and, with Syngenta Seedcare’s leadership, we now can bring a product to the market. Syngenta is committed to building partnerships with third parties when the potential impact of joint action is greater and when, of course, it increases the benefits to farmers,” added Jonathan Brown.

Chinami Yokota, Nippon Soda Director of Development Department, noted that “Nippon Soda is excited to partner with Syngenta Seedcare to bring our latest fungicide discovery, picarbutrazox, to the market. Syngenta’s long history of success in the seed treatment segment makes them the ideal company to deliver this novel product to U.S. farmers.”

Future launches across a broad range of crops and other regions are expected over the next years. Registration in Canada is expected later this year.

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