A new star for sustainability in the Basel night sky

Call it a sign of corporate growth and progress.

Syngenta Group, a global leader in agricultural technology and innovation, has installed a new, illuminated corporate logo at its Basel, Switzerland global headquarters. The sign, displaying the company’s four-leaf logo as well as the Syngenta Group name, sits nine stories up, atop one of the Basel headquarters complex’s four buildings.

Powered by energy-efficient LED lighting, the logo is in one of the most publicly visible spots of the company’s buildings. The use of environmentally responsible lighting is in keeping with Syngenta Group’s role as a world leader in sustainable agriculture. And it showcases the corporate logo. The four leaves evoke nature, the four seasons and the four elements that enable farming: water, earth, plants and sunlight.

The new, full-color sign is one of the first things people now see upon leaving the highly trafficked Badischer Bahnhof rail station. On a neighboring building, the Syngenta business logo remains in place, most visible from the main highway that passes through Basel.

Watch the installation of our illuminated corporate logo at the global headquarters in Basel, Switzerland

The addition of the Syngenta Group logo is a co-branding step for the group, which was formed in 2020 to comprise the company’s four businesses. Besides Syngenta Crop Protection, which is also headquartered in Basel, the other three business units are Syngenta Seeds, headquartered in the United States, ADAMA, headquartered in Israel, and Syngenta Group China. With this global reach, Syngenta Group’s businesses employ 49,000 people in 100 countries.

The new Group logo sign — 2.5 meters high and nearly 8 meters wide — uses PLEXIGLAS LED technology. By day the name Syngenta Group is displayed as back-lit black type, which automatically changes to a bright white by night.